Facilities Management Company


At some office blocks and business parks, the facilities management company may subcontract security of the building to another firm or they may undertake the security aspect themselves. An increasing number of managed offices now have 24/7 access for the occupying businesses and 24/7 security. Most blocks of offices will have CCTV and alarms and in certain areas, the security will also be manned twenty-four hours a day.

Where a property company buys up blocks of offices and immediately turns them over to a facilities management company, they often leave the whole running of the property to that company, including IT and telecommunications. Sometimes the management company will outsource the telecommunications installation and computer network management and sometimes they will deal with it in-house. Business owners who move their business into managed offices will often expect those offices to be telecommunications and internet ready, they will also expect ongoing IT and telecommunications support from the management company.

Some managed offices can be rented fully furnished with desks, work stations and storage facilities, which makes it easier for businesses to move in and out of the offices. A good facilities management company will ensure that everything is kept running smoothly, earning them more contracts for managing office spaces.

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