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Basically, basketball is made out of two teams, the offensive team, made out of five players, that are moving the ball down the court either by dribbling or passing in order for them to make score points by shooting the ball trough the basket, and of course the defensive team, which is also composed of five players, they must do their best at stopping the offense team. Both teams must score as much points as possible within the time limits of the game.

In most junior leagues, the time limits are the basketball legends following: four quarters, six minutes each, with the halftime separating the two quarters from the last two. In the case that the game is tied at the end of the time of the fourth quarter, you enter the overtime period, which is a three minute short season to determine the winners.

Depending on your coaching abilities you can either choose to have a defensive or an offensive team. Depending on what kind of drills you practice, and what is your knowledge or experience that you might have regarding basketball. Either way you can even find a balance between these two types of teams, in order for you to have an all balanced team, and for your kids basketball skills to improve in a nice and balanced manner. It is only up to you to choose the style of your team plays, according to your goals and your knowledge about the other teams that you will be playing in your league. Doing your homework is the key to a good basketball season and a nice trophy.

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